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When I met Peggy, I saw a person who was scared.  Scared to get hurt, scared to fail.  Peggy was used to doing things well in her life, but success with weight loss and health did not come as easily as other things had.  Injuries had plagued her and self-doubt stopped her from seeing success through.  Peggy was overweight and not particularly athletic, a combination that sometimes stops people from believing that fitness is for them.  The ironic part of this is that fitness truly is for everyone who commits.  

Blog2_commitmentAlthough Peggy started out scared, she began her time at Clay with a commitment. That commitment is what has propelled her towards continued success each week. The combination of her commitment, her trust in me and, eventually, trust in herself, made just the right cocktail for her to face what she needed to do to turn the corner. Each week more small risks were taken; each week a little bit more speed, a little bit more height, a little bit more weight was pushed.  Each week one to two more pounds came off and quality of movement improved. All signs showed that she would be successful. Commitment, above and beyond anything else is what she needed – not genes, or athleticism. When she put down her money for training, she committed. When she updated her homework log, she committed. When she made a key chain ring with her homework routine, she committed. When she made small changes to her diet each week and stayed mindful about her food choices, she committed. With every commitment she demonstrates our relationship grows. Her commitment demonstrates her decision that this fitness belongs to her.  As she continues to commit, my investment deepens and the cycle of giving more to this process continues.

The photo you see here is Peggy’s “commitment key ring”, where she tracks her daily workouts. This is commitment – this is success.

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