What we do

Innovate, Educate, Motivate, Integrate
At Clay Fitness we think every class should be a positive experience. We offer innovative programs and classes that help educate the community, motivate people to make lasting change, and help them integrate these changes into their lives. Because our goal is to make every hour with us a worthwhile investment, we strive to teach clients something new about fitness, physiology, nutrition, and body mechanics. Whether in a class, a 12-week program, or a personal training session at Clay, clients are learning to make better choices about their fitness and health for life.

How we are different

Accountability, Community, and Measured Results
At Clay, accountability, community and benchmarking results are our hallmarks. Our instructors, coaches, and trainers know each client’s goals and capabilities. In classes at Clay people get to know each other and provide the support, motivation, and sense of community that promote attendance and commitment. At regular intervals along the path to improved fitness, we measure results so that clients can be fueled by and engaged in the process.

Pay when you come – not when you don’t
Clay is unlike a traditional gym where you lock into a membership for at least a year, pay your monthly dues for classes that are sub-standard, and get training that is uninspired. At Clay there are no memberships – you pay when you come, not when you don’t. The high quality of classes and personal training inspires clients to return, and every dollar spent is on training and nutritional guidance that result in positive changes to health and fitness.

Eve and her team of trainers have helped hundreds of people find find/hone/rediscover their inner athlete. Whether you need help designing your triathlon training program or need help losing a significant amount of weight, Clay Fitness has the tools to help you de-mystify the process. See what people have said about how Clay Fitness has helped them here. Eve and her team of trainers at Clay bring a diversity of experience at all levels and in all formats of fitness instruction.

Where does the name Clay come from?
The name Clay comes from the founder’s experience with a significant amount of weight gain. During the period where she shed the 85 pounds of weight, she saw her body as malleable and responsive like clay. The idea that people can change and respond is how Clay’s name came to be.


3000 Berkmar Drive Charlottesville, VA 22901
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