Beloved Clay community,

We have been apart for two long years, aside from Zoom classes and park workouts for the brave few.  That changes now.  The build-out is done at the new location on Berkmar Drive, and we are all moved in.  Working out at the new studio with the doors thrown open has been utterly delightful.  I can’t wait for everyone to get to experience it.

I want to take a moment to explain the safety features/protocols we have in place to keep everyone as safe as possible for workouts during the remainder of the pandemic.  

Our main lines of defense are:

  1. Ventilation (lots of doors that open wide, 22′ high ceilings and a 10′ industrial ceiling fan)
  2. Vaccination (all in-person​, indoor clients must be fully vaccinated)
  3. Separation (10′ of space between all clients working out at the same time who aren’t housemates)
  4. Masking (required inside the studio.  Step outside to de-mask for a sip of water or a mask break.)
  5. Purification (iWave air purification system on the HVAC, and an Alen BreatheSmart true HEPA purifier)
  6. Disinfection (doesn’t really help against COVID, but it keeps us safe from colds, flu, etc, and it’s just yucky not to wipe things down after using them in a gym anyway)

We will continue to let science dictate our safety precautions.  I have chosen to attempt to make Clay the safest gym to train in during while the pandemic continues to play out.  We have older clients, clients who are immuno-compromised, clients with immunocompromised family members, and clients with children too young to be vaccinated.  We are prioritizing keeping our whole community safe.  Yes, working out in a mask is harder than working out without one.  We can do hard things.  We do hard things in the gym all the time. If you feel you can’t train in a mask, we still have some streaming Zoom classes, and we can also accommodate you by letting you work out in the outdoor space just behind the studio during group classes.  (With the garage bay door thrown open, the indoor and outdoor spaces flow together and trainers can work with indoor and outdoor clients simultaneously.) Feel free to ask questions if you have them. 

We have a variety of classes with a variety of instructors, in a variety of formats available for everyone.  As we get re-established, we’ll build back up a larger clientele and be able to offer more classes.  Please help us out by telling all your friends about us and encouraging them to come check out some classes.  

As always, I love and appreciate all of you.  You make Clay the phenomenal community that it is.  Your support over the years has kept it going even through a pandemic.  You are amazing and I look forward to many, many more years of helping you be strong, healthy and fit.  Let’s keep finding joy in movement together!

Eve and The Clay Fitness Team


Schedule of Classes

Our multi-week programs combine all of the pieces of an effective training program in one place. The classes meet once a week and deliver challenges that are appropriate and measured.


Below are some frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have any additional questions give us a call at (434) 245-2288 or email Amy at


Payment Preferences, PARQ Exercise History, Client Waiver, Photo Release, etc.


Clay Fitness offers a variety of fitness options in the form of program classes, personal training, nutrition counseling and fitness retreats. Classes are offered in multi-week sessions or clients may utilize our flexible punch card system.


We have helped many people change their lives, whether it was to lose those extra couple of pounds, run a marathon or just take the first steps to living a healthy lifestyle. Find out here what our clients have to say.

Youth Training

Clay Fitness is addressing an unmet need in our community: youth and teen athletic training and conditioning. Clay’s trainers work with schools, teams, small groups and individuals to improve kids’ athletic performance and build confidence.

Find Us

Clay Fitness is located at 3000 Berkmar Drive in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Current clients can connect to our Mindbody payment and scheduling system with this link:


3000 Berkmar Drive Charlottesville, VA 22901
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