I joined Clay because I wanted to be more helpful when I visited my father who requires oxygen 24/7. I lacked the upper body strength to help him lift his oxygen machine into the car. After my first ten personal training sessions with Susie, I was not only able to help lift the machine but could do it on my own!

Susie customizes routines to target the areas my body needs to become stronger. I also really appreciate her willingness to be flexible with our morning schedule. With many obligatory meetings starting as early as 8am, being able to get an intense, and fun, workout in before 7am is key to my ability to benefit from her training. Susie mixes it up so every workout is fresh yet challenging. She coaches in a nurturing way yet still holds you to account.

While my original goal was to achieve greater physical strength, Susie’s training also helped me gain greater resilience and confidence in myself and my ability to overcome personal challenges. The attached picture is me post surgery for a serious skin lesion. Thanks Susie and Clay Fitness for helping us all become stronger in many ways.







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