When we retired in 2015 and made the decision to move to C’ville, we both wanted to build a lifestyle that included an emphasis on health and nutrition. As we considered various workout options, we were concerned that many were similar to other health clubs that we had regularly exercised at and where we had even worked with trainers on the past, but which unfortunately had limited impact on our overall wellbeing.

We found Clay Fitness one day as we were searching online for any other options. We soon met Eve, and quickly realized that Clay Fitness was very different from other places we had visited. We were pleased that our hopes and goals matched Eve’s philosophy and focus. As we started, it was great to see that Eve had the skills and knowledge and she was genuinely excited to work with us where we were at – neither of us in tip top condition and neither as strong as we wanted to be. Eve carefully documented each of our personal goals, and notwithstanding that our goals were very different from each other, she was able to help each of us progress while working together. We both quickly realized progress, and that motivated us even more. Little by little we have gained strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance. Through our journey, we have worked with several other trainers at Clay including Callie, Susie, Jeff, Jay, Sarah, and Tyrone. Each has been amazing in their own right, but they all have the same drive and focus as Eve and each one has helped us grow and improve. In our classes at Clay, we have made many new friends, and it feels more like a place to go and work out with family than simply going to the gym. Through this all, Eve has been our primary trainer, our cheer leader, and our champion.

We recognize that we are getting older. We are retired and we have 9 grandchildren. But we believe that working hard to get in shape and stay in shape helps us to not feel old yet. We have tried the cardio-boxing class. We have started running in addition to our workouts and walks. We have been taking a class in Weight Lifting (both Power Lifting and Olympic lifting) from Eve. Robert has worked up to running 10 KM and ran up to Jarmin’s Pass with Jeff. Robert went on a 30-mile backpack trip above Aspen, CO, with our son and is planning another backpack trip this winter. We now have new and elevated goals as we look to the future. The bottom line is that Clay Fitness has had a powerful impact on our health and wellbeing, on our confidence in our physical abilities, and on our overall outlook on what we can do in this stage of our lives.

We recommend Clay Fitness for anyone, in any stage of life, with or without physical challenges or limitations. We are confident that not only will you grow and improve in your journey, but that you will make new friends and have a great sense of accomplishment along the way.


3000 Berkmar Drive Charlottesville, VA 22901
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