Below are some frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have any additional questions give us a call at (434) 245-2288 or email Amy at

What if I want to try classes out?
We encourage prospective clients to attend a trial class before starting a program at Clay. The best way to start is to call the studio voicemail at (434) 245-2288 or email Amy to get more information about which class is appropriate for you. The fee for trial classes is $25. We cannot refund or give credit for missed classes.

What is involved in a movement screen appointment?
Your initial visit to Clay might be an hour-long appointment with one of our skilled team of personal trainers. The first part of the visit would involve a conversation about your goals, your exercise/fitness/nutrition history, and any relevant medical issues you have. The second part would involve you doing some simple movements to determine your readiness for classes or personal training, and to assess your range of motion, flexibility, strength, agility, as well as any limitations due to injury.

What is your refund policy?
When you join Clay for personal training or classes, you are committing to your health and well-being. We want to support you anyway we can, but we understand that life happens and things occur that are out of your control. If you find that you need to be away from Clay for an extended period of time, we will hold your funds in your Clay account until you are able to return. This also helps you be accountable to yourself and your health and fitness goals. In general, we have a No Refund Policy except in a case of emergency.

How is a punch card different from a 12-week program commitment?
Program classes are less expensive/class, require more commitment from you (in attendance consistency), and allow for more development of camaraderie with other class participants. Program classes also allow you to get a baseline assessment and then clearly see progress at the end of the program with a final assessment. Punch card classes are more expensive/class, but allow for more flexibility of schedule. There are few occasions when classes may be full when you request a spot using your punch card.

What is involved in a benchmarking assessment?
An assessment consists of a weigh in/body composition check, a discussion of current nutrition and a plan of action for changes, a cardiovascular test on the treadmill to determine your max heart rate (and appropriate workout heart rate zones), and strength testing. Clay Fitness offers an initial assessment before beginning classes of your first program, as well as at the end of your first program. Returning clients may also schedule an assessment at the end of each program. These assessments serve to mark your progress toward your fitness goals and help our trainers to know what challenges you need next.

What forms of payment do we accept?
You can pay for classes and PT with cash, check (made out to Clay Fitness), or credit card. Once you enroll in classes, you can enter your credit card billing information into our online Mindbody system, and we can use it to bill you for current and future programs and services at Clay. All credit card transactions are subject to a 2% processing fee.

Can payments be broken up, and is there an added cost to that?
Yes, payments can be broken up into installments for a fee of $20, due with your first installment for that 12-week session. Usually, first payments are made one month before classes start, and then monthly after that. Clients who wish to set up installment payment plans should contact Amy.

How does small group training work in terms of financial responsibilities? What happens when someone in the group misses a session?
When a group of 2-5 people come to train together, the pricing per person drops significantly. If/when a member of the group cannot attend, three options exist.

1 – The absent person is responsible for letting the group know in advance (at least 24 hours ahead) so that the group can either continue at a slightly increased rate (reflected in small group pricing –, OR
2 – The group decides to early cancel the session for that week, at least 24 hours in advance, OR
3 – The group decides that all members will pay for all sessions within the session batch they are in regardless of absences.

All of these choices are decided by the group before initiating their training sessions together.

What is your make-up policy for classes?
Clients can receive make-up credit for missed classes as long as they early cancel themselves out of the class (using our Mindbody online scheduler) at least 24 hours in advance. Classes missed and classes cancelled within the 24 hour window before a class do not receive make-up credit. Credits can be used toward any equivalent class (e.g. 1 hr class credit cannot cover attendance in a 90-min class) during the same session of classes, and will expire at the end of the session. Personal training clients must cancel their session by contacting their trainer at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the session. PT clients who miss a session without alerting their trainer in advance will be charged for the missed session.

How are Break Week classes different from classes in a regular session?
Break week classes are unlike ‘in-session classes’ in that they help us bridge the gap between sessions. Once you place yourself on a roster for these classes, they are not refundable and you may not use class credits from a prior session to pay for these classes. Each class is $25.

What is Clay’s policy due to injuries or illness?
There is no official policy related to illness, and so each client’s situation is evaluated individually. We make decisions on absences based on a reasonable request given with reasonable notice. An email sent to Amy at the earliest possible time within the 24-hour cancellation period will be considered with any classes that are not in high demand or already full. If someone gets hurt during a session, and can not continue to take classes without further injury or opportunity for recovery, a credit is given to any client who needs it.

How often can people ask for homework and what will it be like?
Whether you are a personal training client (doing at least one hour of regular PT each week) or a client enrolled in one or several of our classes, we believe that you will support your effort at Clay with outside work. We are happy to provide you with a customized plan for every season and based on the goals and limitations you share with us. Our custom homework plans take into considerations your schedule, access to equipment, and your goals and availability for training. We use heart rate monitors and our assessments to make it clear what you are capable of and what you should be shooting for to progress towards a successful season of training.

Do I have to buy a heart rate monitor?
We ask that all of our clients in personal training and group classes purchase a heart rate monitor for their time with us and for use during their exercise away from Clay. We find it to be a crucial tool for assessing effort and cardiovascular fitness. We sell the Polar FT4 monitors at a lower price than online or local retailers because we believe in their efficacy and utility in making your workouts more focused and we want them to be easily available to all of our clients.

Do you have shower facilities and towel service?
We have two privates showers in the studio space. They are available for client use after every class and we have body wash and shampoo stocked in each one. We have hand towels for clients to use during classes, but no large towels for showering. Please bring your own bath towel if you prefer to shower at Clay.

Where does the name Clay come from?
The name Clay comes from the founder’s experience with a significant amount of weight gain. During the period where she shed the 85 pounds of weight, she saw her body as malleable and responsive like clay. The idea that people can change and respond is how Clay’s name came to be.


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