Brad’s Story

We asked Brad Haws to tell us how his daily life has improved after having lost more than 100 pounds and completely changing his health and fitness. This is what he said…

ClayFitnessBrad0021-X2“I feel more confident and outgoing. I don’t feel like I have to be self-conscious about my weight or appearance. I am much more confident and that shows itself in many ways that going far beyond just weight. Then there are smaller things like being able to shop in normal clothing stores (Banana Republic) or being able to comfortably sit on the floor and watch my sons basketball games. My flexibility has increased in many ways. My body is less in its own way, and quite simply, my muscles are more flexible. I can easily ride my motorcycle without my legs cramping. I am not always ‘hot’ and wanting to turn on the air conditioning and freeze others out of the room.

I sleep much better, which in turn leads to better health. I think I had sleep apnea at some level, but always felt tired. Awoke tired and that was a contributing factor to feeling too tired to exercise. What a vicious cycle.

One specific story… one day I was hugging my youngest son. He spontaneously made the comment that he could hug me and touch his hands behind my back. He had been unable to do that before. It was in that moment that I realized that my health impacted everyone.

Weight is often the result of other things and (while a choice) can be an outlet related to other stresses. We often have self-defeating behaviors that we choose that only worsen our own situation. I have lost roughly 120 pounds and hope to lose 30 more. It has been a long process but very fulfilling and I wouldn’t change a thing. It really isn’t rocket science – it comes down to the things we are told: exercise and diet (although I prefer nutrition as the term instead of diet). My health/weight had gotten to a point of being extremely serious. And while I was in some form of denial, I knew. I just had to decide to change it. I did not understand the impact and example I was setting for my children and that I now set in a very different way.

Brad Haws before pictureWhat I have loved about my experience with Hyam and Clay Fitness is a broader approach to health. It is not just about weight loss, but it is a more holistic approach to health, nutrition, mental/emotional satisfaction with the process. You tailored a program to my goals, and have been helpful in aiding me to achieve them and holding me accountable (in a positive way) to my own expectations. You have tailored schedules, workouts and even worked around injuries to keep the program meaningful and successful for me.

I have been able to do things physically that I had forgotten bring happiness. As a former college athlete, I had let myself slip into condition that I didn’t fully understand (I knew at some level, but had plenty of excuses and blame as to why). My fitness and health and nutrition are at levels I haven’t felt for decades and I feel great. Energy is amazing. Body image has improved and I am excited for the next round.

I believe that many of us are simply uneducated about nutrition and what is out there. Organic, raw, etc. are real and important. The food industry deceives so many with claims of natural, etc. I think the sugar in the American diet is obscene and is catching up to us all. You can’t starve yourself to health. You have to eat, but eat properly. It is a question of nutrition more than a question of calories to me.

I am thrilled with my decision to work with you and Clay and would be happy to share the message with anyone.”


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