Women In Motion Physical Therapy & Wellness

Women’s Health 101 Workshop
Date: September 30th
Location: Women in Motion Physical Therapy & Wellness 
1747 Allied Street, Suite D
Time: 11am-12pm 
Max 25 people

20 minute FREE screens will be offered from 10-11am for those who email PTinfo@WomenInMotionPT.com 

Join us to learn more about women’s health and all the things you need to know, but no one is talking about!

This in-person seminar will cover Women’s Health throughout the lifespan including special topics on pelvic organ prolapse, urinary leakage, bone density, and menopause. We will discuss the role of your core and pelvic floor in fitness. This will be presented by Dr. Michelle Little, physical therapist and board certified orthopedic specialist with post doctorate specialties in obstetrics and pelvic health.

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3000 Berkmar Drive Charlottesville, VA 22901
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