Virtual Classes

Things to know:

  1. Non-Clay members must complete the PARQ, client waiver and Payment Preference forms (, and pay for the class with a credit card prior to the start of class.
  2. Pricing: $10/class for students, $16/class for 1 class/week, $15/class for 2 classes/week, $13/class for 3 classes/week, $11/class for 4 classes/week, $9/class for 5 classes/week, and $18/class for drop-in classes.
  3. Clay is offering a pay-what-you-can option for folks whose livelihood is affected by the social distancing right now (restaurant workers, musicians, travel industry people….). If you want to use this option, please email to sign-up and to let her know how much you’d like to pay.
  4. You need to sign up the evening before by 8pm at the latest. This will give Susie time to figure out who/how many she has in the class and plan accordingly. Please email Susie (, so she has your preferred email address. She will need to reach out to see what (if any) equipment everyone has and send you an invite to the Zoom meeting.
  5. Everyone will need a (free) Zoom account. You can use this on your phone, tablet or laptop/computer. Go to to sign up.
  6. We are offering a wide variety of days/times/formats. Susie is going to do her best to keep it fun/challenging/fresh, despite the lack of equipment. If you want to be proactive, you can send Susie a list of all the equipment you have access to at home (dumbbells, Bosu, resistance bands/tubes, yoga mat/block/strap, etc.), so if everyone happens to have the same stuff, she can include some equipment in her workouts. But she won’t ask you to use anything you don’t have. Workouts will be planned around primarily body-weight, unless it happens that everyone has access to equipment.
  7. We will cancel any class that gets fewer than 4 people signed up by the evening before.
  8. This is a great opportunity for parents who are stuck at home with energetic kids…at only $8/kid, Susie will keep them busy and moving for an hour, and burn through some of their extra energy. If there’s demand for it, maybe we’ll even offer a kids-only class. Reach out to us if you might be interested in this “virtual PE class” idea for your kiddos.
  9. As always, contact Amy ( to get more information and to get signed up and started with this.

Class Schedule
January 3-38

Monday 9:30am VIRTUAL Athletic Training – Olivia

Monday 5:45pm OUTDOOR Athletic Conditioning – Susie

Wednesday 9:45am VIRTUAL Athletic Training – Olivia

Friday 9:45am IN PERSON Strength & Core – Eve

Friday 9:45am VIRTUAL Strength & Core – Oliva

* The OUTDOOR class is open to all Clay clients, but participants will be required to bring their own (limited) equipment. Susie is mostly going to focus on conditioning and agility work, so clients will typically only need to bring a mat, band and maybe some dumbbells. Clients will be required to space 10+ feet apart. Susie will rotate where class is held from week to week, taking advantage of the different facilities available at various parks. (Think: Penn Park, Darden Towe Park, Riverview Park…. Nothing too far from Downtown). She will let everyone know the night before where to meet and what equipment will be needed for class.

** The INDOOR class will be in-person only for vaccinated folks (which we are bummed about but need to keep safety first) but simultaneously live streamed on Zoom so non-vaccinated folks can play along from home as usual. In-person will be limited to a maximum of 5 clients, and there will be no in-person drop-ins. Clients are asked to continue to wear masks as much as possible while indoors. For now, we are going to keep the same rate for in-person as Zoom, though that may change after the Spring session. If we get at least 5 people signed up (in-person plus Zoom), we will hold the class. Proof of vaccination will be required prior to first class. In-person folks need to abide by all the in-person PT regulations: COVID-19 Safety Measures.


  1. Park workouts will be held at Penn Park unless your trainer notifies you otherwise (which will happen by the evening before class). They will let you know with plenty of advance notice what (limited) equipment you should bring, and exactly where to meet.  (We have been meeting either near the picnic shelters or on the field next to the playground.) 
  2. All park workouts will have an inclement weather fall back policy of meeting at Eve’s house instead.  Trainer will email & text all class participants the night before, if possible, but not later than 1 hour before class if the location needs to switch.  (We will save this for truly bad weather… thunderstorms, heavy rain, etc….  A light sprinkle or just yucky hot = we will tough it out.  Hopefully it will be rare.


Charlottesville, VA 22902
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